Many of my clients come to yoni yoga due to low libido and diminishing sex drive. Peri-menoapsue and menopause can be hard on that but more often then not I sense the many of my clients inherited it from their up bringing.  Either as part of a genetic legacy or from cultural influences.

All of your physical architecture, your anatomy, physiology, central nervous system (cortical and subcortical) and your peripheral nervous system (autonomic and somatic), was given to you by the joining of two distinct genetic legacies.  The joining of a seed and an egg.  That’s right.  Everything about your physical being is a mash-up or a collage of your Mother and Father, and their collective ancestors. And, like the Hatfield’s and McCoy’s, “plays well with other’s” may not describe their true nature.

From them you inherited your eye and hair color, your height, body shape and weight tendency, and your immune and digestive system.  I have my Dad’s eye and hair color, his long bony arms, legs and his athletic tendency.  I have my Mother’s gut and immune system.  My Dad had a great gut; my Mom did not.  She had great, shapely legs even though she was a couch potato; I’ve been called Styx, Bones, and Chicken Legs.

Their combined lines came from people whom mostly had frail nervous systems and then a car accident, at 6 months old, compounded my frailty.   I struggled in my youth dealing with that frailty; in them and in myself.  I learned after a bit of hardship that I would be wise not to take any of it personally.

I learned not to take my hardwiring personally and that I would be wise to take responsibility for it.  When I learned about the landscape I call the reaction-response seesaw, (see The Creativity Zone) my life became smoother.  I learned to enhance my ability to respond to what was happening within and around me, while understanding when my nervous system went into reactivity, based on what was happening within and around me.   In my thirties, this quest inspired me to create an experiential CD, Engaging Our Wholeness, and to make Neuroplasticity my major focus as a Somatic Educator.

I always say to my clients “your body type, immune system, brain and digestive tract is not your fault yet, you do have to live with them; for better or worse.  The good news is, there is so much you can do to sculpt them more to your liking.”

“Having a more coherent Brain-Body-Yoni Connection has enriched my life on an exponential scale.  Doing Yoni Yoga has made turning 60 so much fun!” 

“How” You might ask as a worthy first question and “when” as a trusted ally keeping you focused, alert and within reason.

The only suitable answer I’ve found to address both questions, with the simultaneity they deserve, is right NOW.

With the choice you make right now.

You could recharge your brain, freshen it up a bit by drinking a glass of water instead of coffee.

You could take a break from your keyboard, the pressure of bidding yourself against the clock and stand up, role your shoulders and engage in a soft lymph bounce for two minutes.  Then notice how relaxed and refocused you feel when you return to that demanding task, with a refined brain; cognitively and emotionally.

You could stop in your rush to get home and take in a beautiful scene, sunset or exchange between your fellow travelers, allowing your limbic system to register a moment of beauty.  In doing so you arrive at your destination with less neocortical activation and greater limbic activation; feeling the goodness of your life.

Neuroanatomists and neurophysiologists continue to confirm that enhancing our senses, taking in soothing inputs, can cool down our neocortical activity and warm up our limbic activity.  As an artist and Yoga Nidra teacher, I find being able to make this shift an invaluable tool.  I find that Igniting My Sacred Center of creativity and sensuality, having a coherent Brain-Body-Yoni connection, enriches my life on an exponential scale, even with the genetic legacy I live with and through.

Even though our genetic inheritance can script us to be one way or another, there is a reason why the term Neuroplasticity has become, in recent years, a topic of interest.  That’s because it works. We have the ability to influence our hardwiring; our original operating system. Like cement well into a curing process but still receptive to new impressions, we can alter and re-sculpt our lines of ancestral influence.

Re-sculpting that influence takes time, dedication and the combined discipline of focus and friendliness. It takes you making a choice to live a life of your making. A choice that sometimes is a moment of great sweeping clarity, like a long broad brush stroke that dominates a composition, but more often, is a process that lasts as long as it needs to last. Often it’s the small brush strokes, that thin, curiously evocative meandering line, that cause us to move closer to a painting so we can see or feel what the artist is conveying.

As Rumi so eloquently said, “Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field.  I’ll meet you there”

I like to think of it as a landscape.  A landscape that may need some tending to; some tilling, weeding, new seeds and lots of moisture.  A landscape that, while particular to your genetic inheritance, is well within your influence as expressed by the choices you make.

As women, tending to our inner landscape includes developing a more coherent Brain-Body-Yoni Connection, using Yoni Yoga and Yoni Yoga Nidra.

Now in my fifties, my quest in Neuroplasticity has inspired me to create Yoni Yoga Nidra for women within all phases of our Yoni’s lifecycle. Women whom are menopausal and peri menopausal, women whom had difficult deliveries or want to have smooth ones, and the countless women dealing with some kind of incontinence, urge or stress related, whom want to learn how to sneeze like they are 20 years old again.

If any of those descriptions sounds like you and you are ready for fast results then join me with the Brain-Body-Yoni Connection. I promise you’ll be delight that you did. And if you prefer a slower approach to entering your Yoniverse, I have options for you as well.

If you are still not sure you are ready for this kind of empowering transformation, then you may also want to visit my Frequently Asked Questions page or read The 5 Reasons to Start a Yoni Yoga Practice.  If a call with me might answer some specific questions or concerns then please do use the call scheduler in the right margin to book a call with me.