Vitality is an inside job.

It’s not uncommon for women to employ yoni yoga for enhancing vitality. They also often use it feel more comfortable from the inside out, to feel more peaceful and content with themselves.

“Men have always been more attracted to my twin sister” a women recently shared in her monthly women’s group. “She’s 25 lbs. overweight, has always been heavier than me even though we are identical twins, and men just flock to her.”

You could hear and feel the confusion and pain dripping from her words.  She further went on to share how it had created competition and separation in their relationship: a classical rivalry but “one-sided”.  “What makes it worse for me is my sister is always kind and openhearted to me, even when I’ve been my most caddy or hurtful to her”.

“I practice Yoni Yoga Nidra because I now understand that my vitality, physical and emotional, emanates from an integrated pelvic floor.”

I had been invited to teach some of the concepts from my workshop Developing Your Brain-Body-Yoni Connection to a private professional women’s group, particularly the work around integrating your brain and pelvic floor.  They were all executives of high profile corporations and were seeking to improve their visibility in their chosen professions.  They had tasked me with helping them to develop a powerful somatic presence; a sense of command they could leverage in their professional lives. They were all hoping to gain greater influence within their corporations as well the industry with in which they competed.

As I spoke about the connection between the jaw and pelvic floor this women’s eyes lit up.

As I moved the group through a series of somatic movements and Yoni Yoga for enhanced vitality, I witness this women’s “ah-ha” moment as a long slow roll of constantly increasing juiciness until she came to a full to boil.  I watched the vitality begin to ooze out of her as she gave herself over fully to the directions I offered the group.

The moment of “ah-ha” came when she yelled “holy cow” (I PG’d her real adjectives) “she’s always smiling from the inside out.”

“Yes” I quietly said, “her pelvic floor is smiling and it shines through her eyes as well as her expression.  Men, and people in general, really respond favorable to a women who shares a genuine and energetically free smile”.

She looked about 10 years younger as her face began to shine in the light of her new understanding.

When our pelvic floor, the very core of our being, is unintegrated and either too tight or too loose, it is incapable of supporting us as the autonomous, powerful and interdependent women we know we want to be.

When our pelvic floor is not integrated we are less likely to exude the kind of presence that makes us deeply attractive or available to connect and collaborate with.  A pelvic floor that is not supporting us can restrict not only our movements but the kind of creative thinking that makes us stand out in a crowd.

I went on to say “your sister may not only be the kind of person you want to be like, she also may be the kind of person you desire to spend time with” to which her eyes began to water, she smiled genuinely and touched her heart.”Vitality is an inside job” was all I could share in this moment of deep recognition.

During our phone call to approve my blog post she asked if she could say something to my readers: “tell them that at first I thought what we were doing was lame, but by the end of our third week, it felt like you had reformatted my hard drive. I changed deeply. I like myself more, have more energy and people, not just men, turn as I walk by.”

How could I say “no” to that?

Reclaiming your vitality from the inside out is a process that can free’s you from the limiting self concepts and inhibitions to self expression that keep you stuck in scripts and routines that do not serve the growth you are seeking or the relationships you would like to create. It has the potential to heal old wounds and negative self images while removing blocks that prevent you from living your life to its fullest expression.

It might even get you that promotion or that new job you are seeking.

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