Subterranean Architecture Series

Subterranean Architecture Series

This is the series of Yoni Yoga Nidra® sessions that focuses on enlivening the deeper musculature of your pelvic bowl and Yoni. For those of you who feel you have great access to your pelvic floor muscles, but a low awareness of the deeper subterranean nerves, muscles, organs and glands that participate in the cascading event know as orgasm, this is the group of practices for you. Each session slowly builds the neural networks in your somatic nervous system that feed the subterranean muscles and erectile tissue that participate in our sensual aliveness. Each guided meditation is specifically designed to enhance the connection between your central nervous system and your peripheral nervous system, while bringing an overall sense of rejuvenation to both. For those of you who want to fill in the blanks in your original sex education, this just might be what you’ve been looking for.

The Subterranean Architecture series includes Yoni Yoga Nidra® sessions 4, 5 and 6 and your purchase automatically qualifies you to participate in my monthly drawing to give away a free week of my guided inquiry practice, a part of my self-study class called Igniting Your Sacred Center, that will help feed your juicy.

Awakening Our Erectile Tissue

In our fourth session we continue working with the Annamaya Kosha (physical sensation), as I guide you through a Yoni Yoga Nidra® meditation designed to begin the process of engaging, and gaining refined access to, the neural pathways connected to important subterranean erectile organs and glands that are the primary contributors to our experience of orgasm, and participate in our sensual awakening and sexual aliveness.   As we develop our erotic and sensual awareness, our relationship to the creative process becomes more accessible and fluid inviting us to live in a spontaneous and sense directed manner.   A firm grasp of this foundational practice is vital to the successful results that are possible, and await you, in the Yoniverse Series that follows.

Yoniverse #1

In our fifth session we continue our work of calming and sensitizing the Annamaya Kosha (physical sensation), as I guide you through a Yoni Yoga Nidra® meditation designed to integrate the right and left hemisphere of your brain while building important neural networks between our awakening subterranean architecture and our central nervous system .  My overall intention is to deliberately awaken specific neural pathways in your neuromuscular system, eliciting a profound feeling of aliveness in your peripheral nervous system.

Yoniverse #2

In our sixth session I guide you through a Yoni Yoga Nidra® meditation that builds upon Yoniverse #1 and is designed to elicit a sense of whole brain integration, while exercising and building our presence in our subterranean architecture, central nervous system and neuromuscular system.  It also offers introductory somatic movements to gain access to and influence over, your pelvic floor muscles.  Though not required, using your Jade Egg will enhance your fine motor skills within your peripheral nervous system.

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