Welcome to my FREE “Get You Through the Holidays” Yoga Nidra.

My students affectionately call it “Holy Moly the Holidays are Here Again!”  It’s my gift of relaxation to help them navigate the holidays with a body-mind and nervous system oriented on relaxation and ease.

For many the holidays can be a time of complexities.  There is desire to enjoy family and the co-arising reality of how complicated relations from childhood can be. Often old wounds arise in the same moments of a personal wish to have things be different.

As one student said to me last year, “This year my sister is not going to push my buttons”.  Another said “I am going to just accept my Father-in-Law and his insistence of sharing his stance on the right to bare-arms, at Christmas dinner, with a deaf ear”. One of my young male students remarked “My goal is to see my Mom’s nagging as her way to telling me she loves me”.

So with all your good intentions intact, I invite you to also enjoy this year’s “Get you through the Holidays Yoga Nidra”.

All it requires is the email address you would like me to send the dropbox link to. You can download it to any device or all of your devices.

The really good news is you can listen to it as many times as you need to keep a smile running through your nervous system.

The great news is you can listen it through out the year to build an inner sense of ease and well-being throughout your body-mind.

FREE "Holy Moly it's the Holidays again!" Yoga Nidra recording

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