Yoni Yoga the Brain-Body-Yoni Connection for aging pelvic floorAre you ready to elicit a vibrant sense of aliveness in your sacred center of creativity, physical & emotional vitality and sensual presence?

Whether you are going through the flowering of peri-menopause or Menopause, recovering from physical trauma of giving birth, or are trying to regain your sensual presence from a history of childhood trauma, The Brain-Body-Yoni Connection will help you reclaim the innate intelligence contained within your physical and energetic womb.

“The Brain-Body-Yoni Connection
helped me strengthen my aging
pelvic floor and prepared me to
re-enter the world of dating.”


The Brain-Body-Yoni Connection includes the following 6 MP3’s:

Entering Your Yoniverse, a presencing practice to invoke your ability to relax, receive and enjoy physical sensation, while awakening important nerves endings and re-wiring your brain to awaken important neural pathways.

Working with Sensual and Creative Blocks, takes you though the option of using a Jade Egg and focuses on developing empowered insights into the blocks of sustaining a deep and resonant connection to your center of feminine intelligence, creativity and sensuality.

Enlivening Your Sense Perceptions, enhances your sensory awareness, bringing a potent sense of aliveness to your organs of perception while allowing your nervous system to relax into a spacious sense of receptivity that you will enjoy in all your intimate encounter’s.

Awakening Your Erectile Tissue, guides you in gaining refined access to the neural pathways connected to important subterranean organs and glands that are the primary contributors to your experience of sensual awakening and sexual aliveness.

Balancing Your Hemisphere’s, also called Yoniverse #1 is designed to integrate the right and left hemisphere of your brain while building important neural networks between your awakening subterranean architecture and your central nervous system.

Whole Brain Integration, also called Yoniverse #2, introduces somatic movements to gain influence within your pelvic floor muscles.  Though not required, using a Jade Egg will enhance your development of fine motor skills to Ignite Your Sacred Center.

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