IMG_00831-e1438989484973“Jean Marie’s Yoni Yoga self-study course really helped me attend to a long time issue that was interfering with the intimacy I craved. Not only is my sensuality soaring, I am soaring too!”

Welcome to my self-study program designed for women who are unable to attend class or do not live in the San Francisco Bay Area and are seeking to engage in the process of Igniting Your Sacred Center.

The intention of this program is to help you gain greater access and sensitivity to your Peripheral Nervous System, balancing your sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems, while awakening your pelvic floor and energetic womb. I have designed it to provide you with a direct experience of neuroplasticity, utilizing body-mind movements, Interactive Guided Imagery, deep conscious relaxation, meditation and Yoni Yoga Nidra®.

The Igniting Your Sacred Center Self Study course includes:

  • Engaging Our Wholeness, 6 guided mind-body medicine techniques,
  • The Yoniverse Starter with 3 guided Yoni Yoga Nidra® Meditations,
  • 30 day inquiry writing practice to help you to discover and uncover any blocks to your sensual vitality while awakening all of your sense perceptions.

If you are ready to awaken your unique feminine anatomy, re-sculpt your sexual presence and stimulate your physical and sensual vitality, Igniting Your Sacred Center will lead you into the deeper wisdom and feminine intelligence contained within.

It’s time to Ignite Your Sacred Center.

Purchase $150

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