engaging your wholeness


Engaging Your Wholeness

As a comprehensive holistic healing toolbox, Engaging Your Wholeness contains stillness practices designed to enhance your mind-body connection while balancing your sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems.

Developed as a “at home resource” for the patients and staff at my local hospital where I had been teaching for several years, each session works synergistically to enhance your sensory awareness.

Though each practice is complete on its own, working with them in tandem or in a combination of your choosing, can leave you feeling as if you have just been on a weekend retreat.


The Engaging Your Wholeness Series includes the following 6 MP3 recordings:

Semi-Supine, a restorative spinal practice, encourages proper back alignment by reducing spinal stress and strain.  Accompanied by Mark Kelso, For God Alone, this practice will transport you to your personal oasis of healing.

Body-Mind Movements, a 30-minute session of gentle yoga postures, sequenced to support improved back health, will take you on a deeply introspective journey that will leave you feeling refreshed.

Deep Conscious Relaxation, a restful practice that deeply transforms your body-mind-spirit connection to a place of deep inner stillness.  Accompanied by Mark Kelso’s Inner Realms, you are sure to feel the fullness of your Essential Self.

Body Scan (Yoga Nidra), a mindfulness practice of systematically moving your attention throughout your body to refine a deeper sensitivity and awareness of your body-mind connection.

Guided Meditation, a mindfulness practice of restful-awareness that restores and renews your body-mind connection.

Interactive Guided Imagery, a peaceful practice that will enhance your interpersonal communication while inspiring your intuitive abilities and creative expression.

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Engaged on a regular basis, they have the potential to deeply transform your relationship to your central and peripheral nervous system while enhancing all of your sense perceptions. Practiced with your intimate partner, these guided meditations may bring a divine juiciness to both your intra-personal and interpersonal connection. They may even inspire a vibrant and sensual reinvigoration of your every day life, where every aspect of your being is enlivened by the present moment.

Yoni Yoga the Brain-Body-Yoni Connection

Brain-Body-Yoni Connection

Maybe you have been meaning to create time to develop a conscious embodiment practice.

Maybe, you have not acted on your desire to learn how to join your core awareness with your core stability.

And just maybe, the on-set of your shifting hormonal reality, your increasing lack of sleep, erratic emotional storms or a shift in your once available libido, has finally caught your attention.

Whether you want to be prepared for peri-menopause or are fully engaged in menopause, Yoni Yoga Nidra will help you

  • Find relief from common side effects of peri-menopause and menopause, including low libido
  • Enhance the structural integrity of your pelvic floor
  • Refine the neuromuscular and energetic connection of your sacred center
  • Elevate your physical and emotional vitality
  • Stimulate your sensual awakening

The Brain-Body-Yoni Connection includes the following 6 MP3’s:

Entering Your Yoniverse, a presencing practice to invoke your ability to relax, receive and enjoy physical sensation while re-wiring your brain to awaken important neural pathways.

Working with Sensual and Creative Blocks, takes you though the option of using a Jade Egg and focuses on developing empowered insights into the blocks of sustaining a deep and resonant connection to your center of feminine intelligence, creativity and sensuality.

Enlivening Your Sense Perceptions, enhances your sensory awareness, bringing a potent sense of aliveness to your organs of perception while allowing your nervous system to relax into a spacious sense of receptivity that you will learn to bring to all your intimate encounter’s.

Awakening Your Erectile Tissue, guides you in gaining refined access to the neural pathways connected to important subterranean organs and glands that are the primary contributors to your experience of sensual awakening and sexual aliveness.

Balancing Your Hemisphere’s, also called Yoniverse #1 is designed to integrate the right and left hemisphere of your brain while building important neural networks between your awakening subterranean architecture and your central nervous system.

Whole Brain Integration, also called Yoniverse #2, introduces somatic movements to gain influence within your pelvic floor muscles. Though not required, using a Jade Egg will enhance your development of fine motor skills to Ignite Your Sacred Center.

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As you will soon experience, Yoni Yoga Nidra is a process completely dedicated to conscious embodiment.  We lead women in the development of a pelvic floor and energetic womb that supports them in their daily life. We guide women in the re-engagement of the physical and emotional vitality of their youth.

And for those of you who wish to spice up your intimate encounters?

The synergistic awakening of your unique feminine anatomy and sensual presence, will be stimulating to all of your creative and sensual pursuits. I have yet to have a student who was not pleasantly surprised and whose partner, became only too eager to spend quality time with them!


Welcome to my FREE “Get You Through the Holidays” Yoga Nidra.

My students affectionately call it “Holy Moly the Holidays are Here Again!”  It’s my gift of relaxation to help them navigate the holidays with a body-mind and nervous system oriented on relaxation and ease.

For many the holidays can be a time of complexities.  There is desire to enjoy family and the co-arising reality of how complicated relations from childhood can be. Often old wounds arise in the same moments of a personal wish to have things be different.

As one student said to me last year, “This year my sister is not going to push my buttons”.  Another said “I am going to just accept my Father-in-Law and his insistence of sharing his stance on the right to bare-arms, at Christmas dinner, with a deaf ear”. One of my young male students remarked “My goal is to see my Mom’s nagging as her way to telling me she loves me”.

So with all your good intentions intact, I invite you to also enjoy this year’s “Get you through the Holidays Yoga Nidra”.

All it requires is the email address you would like me to send the dropbox link to. You can download it to any device or all of your devices.

The really good news is you can listen to it as many times as you need to keep a smile running through your nervous system.

The great news is you can listen it through out the year to build an inner sense of ease and well-being throughout your body-mind.

You can sign up here.