The more I listen to people express their feelings about this election, the more  it seems that few of us are truly motivated by either choice.

Each candidate leaves us unsettled with concerns; some concerns are much larger than others.  Some of the issues up for consideration have been produced by the actions of our candidates, others are made up public relations sound bites to distract us.

For many I have listened to, overwhelm and disbelief seem to go hand in hand.

There is a growing population of smart citizens leaning towards not voting because they are tired of this particular circus, the process, our system.

The fabric, fiber and direction of weave of our political system was established a long time ago.  It’s not the Titanic.  It’s a rubber ducky, not in your bathtub, but in an Olympic sized swimming pool and, there is no room for a seat at the helm.  There’s a little round head made empty but for air.In my view of things this election comes down to one issue.

I was never in the position to have to make the choice.

I did take a girl friend to and from, anxiously sitting in the waiting room, and looked after her for days following.  I will never forget it.  I am not sure I would have had the courage to make the choice she did.

I still do not know.

What I do know, is I do not want that choice taken away for any other women.

There is a reason why my womb is inside my body….

it’s because it’s mine to decide how to engage with the world.