Learning Yoni Yoga to awaken, re-wire and strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, while providing symptom relief for peri-menopause and menopause, could be just what you have been looking for to spice up your life. The question I have for you is, are you willing to spice up your life?  If you’re answering “what me…that’s never gonna happen!”, I’m here to inspire you to try on a different belief.

If you answered, “Yes, I want that for myself!” because you know you deserve to feel more at home in your body, or perhaps you have always wanted to strengthen your pelvic floor but did not know where to begin, welcome to the beginning of what will be your most important relationship.  Your relationship with what makes women feel powerful, centered and in relationship with their energetic center of co-creation.

We call it Igniting Your Sacred Center.

As an integral part of any Yoni Yoga practice, the Brain-Body-Yoni Connection builds a cascade of sensual aliveness within your nervous system while teaching your body how to deeply relax and receive.  Rewiring specific neural pathways, using positive neuro-plasticty guided meditations, you will experience the synergistic awakening of your unique feminine anatomy and sensual presence.

Thank you for helping me sail through
peri-menopause and into menopause
with my libido in tact.

How, you may be asking?

Through dynamic yet deeply rejuvenating guided yoni meditations that lead you in the cultivation of greater pelvic presence, pelvic floor strength and energetic awareness. Are you ready to start living with greater confidence as a result of being more relaxed within your body?

It’s time to Ignite Your Sacred Center.

I have the match.

Are you ready to be the flame?

Learning Yoni Yoga awaken, re-wire strengthen pelvic floor muscles
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The Brain-Body-Yoni Connection includes the following 6 MP3’s:

Entering Your Yoniverse, a presencing practice to invoke your ability to relax, receive and enjoy physical sensation, while awakening important nerves endings and re-wiring your brain to awaken important neural pathways.

Working with Sensual and Creative Blocks, introduces my Jade Egg practice, as an option, and focuses on developing empowered insights into the blocks to sustaining a deep and resonant connection to your center of feminine intelligence, creativity and sensuality.

Enlivening Your Sense Perceptions, enhances your sensory awareness, bringing a potent sense of aliveness to your organs of perception while allowing your nervous system to relax into a spacious sense of receptivity that you will learn to bring to all your intimate encounter’s.

Awakening Your Erectile Tissue, guides you in gaining refined access to the neural pathways connected to important subterranean organs and glands that are the primary contributors to your experience of sensual awakening and sexual aliveness.

Balancing Your Hemisphere’s, also called Yoniverse #1 is designed to integrate the right and left hemisphere of your brain while building important neural networks between your awakening subterranean architecture and your central nervous system.

Whole Brain Integration, also called Yoniverse #2, introduces somatic movements to gain influence within your pelvic floor muscles.  Though not required, using a Jade Egg will enhance your development of fine motor skills to Ignite Your Sacred Center.

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Maybe you have been meaning to create time to develop a conscious embodiment practice.  Maybe, you have not acted on your desire to learn how to join your core awareness with your core stability.  And just maybe, the on-set of your shifting hormonal reality, your increasing lack of sleep, erratic emotional storms or a shift in your once available libido, has finally caught your attention.

Whether you want to be prepared for peri-menopause or are fully engaged in menopause, Yoni Yoga Nidra will help you

  • Find relief from common side effects of peri-menopause and menopause, including low libido
  • Enhance the structural integrity of your pelvic floor
  • Refine the neuromuscular and energetic connection of your sacred center
  • Elevate your physical and emotional vitality
  • Stimulate your sensual awakening

As you will soon experience, Yoni Yoga Nidra is a process completely dedicated to conscious embodiment.  We lead women in the development of a pelvic floor and energetic womb that supports them in their daily life. We guide women in the re-engagement of the physical and emotional vitality of their youth.

And for those of you who wish to spice up your intimate encounters?

The synergistic awakening of your unique feminine anatomy and sensual presence will be stimulating to all of your creative and sensual pursuits. I have yet to have a student who was not pleasantly surprised and whose partner, became only too eager to spend quality time with them!

Thank you JeanMarie.  I feel the Spring coming for me.  I just finished Develop Your Brain-Body-Yoni sessions and I feel a sense of passion for life that has been missing since my husband died 5 years ago.  I loved your Yoni Yoga with Jade Egg sessions.  I feel grateful to have you in my life.

Oslo, Norway

I am so happy with the changes in me after attending Jean Marie’s Yoni Yoga and Yoni Meditation workshop called Develop Your Brain-Body-Yoni Connection.  I am standing out at my job and have a greater willingness to be seen that is new to me.  For the first time in my life I feel confident enough to compete for a high visibility job.

Thank you JeanMarie….I love Yoni Yoga Nidra.

Palo Alto

As a Somatic Coach I thought I was well prepared for anything my clients brought to me. Then my female clients started having menopausal issues; I was at a loss for how I could serve them.  JeanMarie’s Brain Body Yoni Connection has been my go to referral and after seeing my client’s progress it has become a priority in my life too.  And, my husband started calling me his girlfriend again!

Auckland, NZ

Menopause wasn’t kind to me.  I was over weight, felt unattractive and boring.  I was even bored with myself. I am 5 weeks into JeanMarie’s meditation series and men have finally started asking me out.

I also feel motivated to loose some weight and get in better shape too.

Boulder, Co

After the twins went to college I felt adrift.  My husband and I were like roommates and the prospect of returning to the workforce felt overwhelming.  A friend had just completed JeanMarie’s Brain-Body-Yoni Connection series and suggested I call. Three phone sessions and her Yoni Yoga meditation series completed, I have found the me that disappeared when the twins arrived. I feel vibrant, alive and juicey….just as she said.  My husband thinks so too!

Sue Ellen
San Antonio, Tx

Thank you very much JeanMarie.  Growing up in a farm family there was no time for self expression.  Working with your Brain-Body-Yoni Connection series awakened my passion and joy; my body is alive like never before.  I finally fulfilled a dream of moving from the countryside to Berlin.

Berlin, Gr

My husband of 30 years leaving me for a younger women put me in a tailspin that left me feeling like a lump of logs.  When I overheard my daughters friend sharing her progress with JeanMarie’s program, I stopped what I was doing and a voice deep inside said “give me her number”.  Doing her Brain-Body-Yoni Connection series for several months and some sexual reeducation with JeanMarie, I am divorced, selling the house and traveling with my new younger boyfriend.

Albany, NY

I am in my second round of your Brain-Body-Yoni Connection series and can’t believe how it just keeps getting better!

Baltimore, Maryland

You are changing my life JeanMarie!  I’ve been working with your Brain-Body-Yoni Connection series for 2 months, and my mailman of 10 years has just started greeting me and strangers say “hello” to me when they pass.

The improvement in my attitude and outlook is so dramatic that I think even my Cat is noticing!

Chicago, IL

Oh ma chérie JeanMarie! You give me a big “Oh là là” as you Americans like say.

Paris, France

My husband and I separated several month’s ago and I was feeling depressed all the time. After your workshop at the Yoga Tree I started your Brain-Body-Yoni Connection series.  I am into my 3rd week and I feel my body waking up and a sense of calm growing everyday.  Thank you JeanMarie.

I am already starting to feel excited about my new chapter of life.

San Rafael, CA

My sister was the pretty one so I never bothered with my body.

I saw your videos on youtube and think “Ok, I try”.  I now feel so full of energy and I smile.  I started dancing again and wake up happy each day.  Thank you my JeanMarie.