Just Add Heat

Just Add Heat

“Yoni Yoga awakens your yoni’s neuromuscular connection, strengthening the pelvic floor, and is an essential Yoga practice for women over 50”

Our wombs have many roles within the phases of our life. Some we embody for a season, others overlap several while a few remain with us for the entirety of our lives. It’s unfortunate that our primary educators didn’t teach us about these roles, or the cycles within which they emerge. Body awareness, even with all the innovative wholistic healing modalities available, has been slow to join mainstream conversations as an active and consistent guiding participant.

Honestly, I am not sure I would have stumbled into the deeply nurturing relationship I enjoy with my center of creativity if I didn’t listen to the invitation of the somatic practices that kept calling me back.  Calling me back to unwind and release the layers of acculturation that kept me from living intimately within this powerful source of feminine intelligence.  Having a deep and resonant connection to my pelvic floor and sacrum, along with the neural structures that inform these centers of wisdom and power, has been vital to engaging the deep feminine intelligence contained within.

The somatic practices that make up my new program, Igniting Our Sacred Center, invigorate my physical and sensual vitality, spark and inform my creative expression and enriched my sexual presence.  My sacred interior has become a richer landscape within which my being-in-potential has been able to envision and then attract a life of abundant possibilities. I consider it to be an essential element of Yoga for women over 50.

Blending in specific and intentional sequences, Yoni Yoga Nidra®, Yoni Yoga, and Whole Brain Integration have helped me and my clients to:

  • Strengthen our pelvic floor muscles
  • Enliven the neural pathways that enhance our physical and sensual vitality
  • Reestablish a coherent brain-body connection supporting whole brain integration
  • Awaken and increase the sensitivity of our Yoni’s neuromuscular connection
  • Re-sculpt our sexual presence

I have clients who have never attended a yoga or meditation class whom have found dynamic benefit and inspiration for their creative endeavors and sensual aliveness.  Women within all phases of our wombs life cycles have bloomed into another way of being.  Whether they were trying to get pregnant, healing after a difficult delivery, navigating their empty nest experience, embarking on a life of empowerment after divorce or relearning autonomy after the death of their beloved. The course of their life has shifted terrain while becoming more focused, intentional and filled with a bolstered sense of purpose.

Your Sacred Interieur has been waiting for you to ignite its potential.

I have the match.

Are you ready to be the flame?

When you are,  email me at yoniyoganidra@gmail.com and I’ll be happy to share a free sample session so you can begin Igniting Your Sacred Center today.