“Jean Marie’s Yoni Yoga class Developing Your Brain-Body-Yoni Connection reawakened                      a part of me I lost after I started having children.

I do feel vibrant, alive and juicy!”

All of my Yoni Yoga classes work synergistically with my on-line resources and explores more deeply what’s unique about the feminine brain, why we want to move through the world with an active and responsive Ida & Pingala and with an integrated brain and pelvic floor.  You’ll learn how a potent relationship with your nervous system can lead to a greater sense of creative expression, physical and emotional vitality and sensual presence.

We’ll address the spectrum of pelvic floor hypertonicity and hypotonicity and how the musculature of our deepest core might be too tense or too weak, a process that builds from the mechanics of daily life, as a result of a difficult delivery, the aftermath of an injury or accident, or from the lasting impressions of a complicated childhood.  Moving through the world from either end of this spectrum can leave us feeling ineffective, diminishing our physical, sensual and creative vitality.

Each class engages in a direct experience of neuroplasticity, utilizing somatic movements, whole brain integration, Yoni Yoga and Yoni Yoga Nidra® to gain greater access to our Central Nervous System and greater sensitivity to our Peripheral Nervous System, re-sculpting our somatic and autonomic functions.

Each class will explore a different theme, taking you deeper into the profound yet subtle feminine wisdom contained within your pelvic floor and energetic womb.

Come prepared to feel a heightened sense of vitality within your pelvic floor and energetic womb, preparing you for all kinds of sensual and creative pursuits.

Though each monthly workshop is complete on its own, attending them on a monthly basis will build a nuanced landscape of sensual presence in your everyday life, whether it’s your time of full fertility or the other end, time to explore your creative expression.

My 2016 Fall workshop series will be in a central Marin location to be announced soon. Sign up below to receive immediate notice.

Brain-Body-Yoni Connection