Here is a list of the most common questions that I receive from individuals or, other practitioners – psychotherapists, acupuncturists, chiropractors, energy healers, yoga teachers, lifestyle coaches, executive coaches for women, bodyworkers- seeking to support clients on a sexual healing journey, seeking greater sensual vitality or with a somatic issue (prolapse pelvic floor or lack of core somatic awareness):

What is Yoni Yoga Nidra®?

Yoni Yoga Nidra® is a comprehensive Yoni Meditation practice, an essential contribution to your Yoni Yoga practice that combines body-sensing and progressive-relaxation with the intention of bringing the body-mind into a state of greater cohesion. Usually practiced in Shavasana, participants are guided through their physical, emotional, and mental bodies to uncover areas of holding, tension, and body armoring that may be preventing them from living in a vital and dynamic manner. Once we have cleared what might be blocking our vital energy, we then start exploring specific area’s of our body that can enhance our physical and sensual vitality while awakening our creative expression.

Here’s the analogy I often give to explain this process is….

As individuals were driving down the path of our awakening and splat, we hit a puddle and our windshield, our view of ourselves and the world, gets obscured by puddle mud.  So we reach for the windshield wiper, give a few squirts, the blades clear our view and were off enjoying the beautiful scenery again until, splat, we hit another puddle. We reach for the windshield wiper blades again, squirt, wipe, wipe, wipe and we can see clearly again until, splat.

Yoni Yoga Nidra® is the equivalent of the windshield wiper blades cleaning your view so you can see the true essence of who you are, which is already there and, is always there, whether there is puddle mud on your view or not.

As we practice yoga nidra more, we get stronger in perceiving and living from our wholeness and, suddenly we are start flying. Puddles aren’t an issue anymore.

Now we’re still going to run into splats.  We run into bugs, the occasional bird, thunderstorms, and sometimes rainbows. And, as we learned how to negotiate these new splats we, our personal self or better said the localization of your self, becomes transparent and we move through the splats in such a way that they no longer influence us, as they once did.

At some point, we move right through a rainbow, turned back to look at it, and realize, we are the rainbow.

Wanna become a rainbow?

What is Yoga Nidra?

Yoga Nidra is a yogic form of meditative self inquiry and a practice of deep self presencing. When engaged as a process, it assists one in awakening to the self limiting and, deeply conditioned, patterns that prevent us from being fully available-body, mind, heart and spirit-to the truth of the present moment. Traditionally, a yogi would engage and maintain a practice of Yoga Nidra to awaken to their true nature; that element of Self that remains still throughout all aspects of consciousness and, is not reactive or identified with patterns of thought or emotion that are often based on misperception.

In modern times, a practice of Yoga Nidra is often engaged to eliminate stress, to improve sleep, to induce deep mind-body relaxation, to enhance one’s intra-personal and inter-personal communication, to aid creative expression and, to diminish the effects of anger, fear, depression, anxiety or confusion.

Engaged as a weekly practice, Yoga Nidra may begin to neutralize chronic states of physical, emotional or mental stress, while replacing them with a relaxed state of clarity that can begin to reshape how one experiences themselves and the manner in which they engage the world.

What will we be learning in Igniting Our Sacred Center?


To begin with, the overall intention of this class is to enhance your sensory-motor experience with the hope of leading you to live in a more tantric expression, where every aspect of your being is enlivened by the present moment.  You may never look at flowers, or a tree, the same way after this class.

A major component of the class will be learning very specific somatic movements that when practiced on a regular basis, have the potential to deeply transform the 2 branches of your peripheral nervous system.  So let’s break that statement down.   These movements, in combination with the yoni yoga nidra protocols, may dramatically altering the somatic branch, which is the neuro-muscular part and the autonomic branch, which is where the fight or flight response is generated, with the intention, of teaching your body to balance the sympathetic – parasympathetic nervous system responses that may be habitual, at this time in your life, with the possibility of adjusting your stress threshold, teaching your body how to shift much more quickly to a relaxed state of mind. And, just as a little taste, as to why that might be important, having an orgasm, is a parasympathetic nervous system response.  It generally doesn’t happen, unless we have a certain quality of relaxation well anchored in our body-mind.

And, I’ve already had a question as to why? I use the term body-mind as a word.  It’s a much bigger question and an even bigger answer that I can properly engage in, in this presentation but I will at least, say this.  Your body-mind-emotions are an integrated continuium of experience, like everything else in what we call this moment, NOW.  You start thinking about something and emotions are generated and your body begins to be mobilized in a certain way.  You start feeling happy about an upcoming something, and your thoughts move in a particular direction and again, your body is mobilized in a certain way.  You eat something your body is not happy having to process and your feelings and thoughts get mobilized in a certain way.  This may all go on unnoticed, and lots of people may not connect the dots as to why certain physical experiences, repetitive thoughts, unshakable emotional tones happen every time they blank, say drive by their old high school, until you start to feel what’s happening in your body-mind. Does that help?

Another aspect of this program that will help you understand this term better, is that woven into Igniting Your Sacred Center are specific somatic experiences that can influence our central nervous system, the brain and brain stem, and supports us in shifting to a whole brain experience, which can enhance our capacity to learn and enlivens the possibility of living through all of your senses synergistically, in the present moment. They’ll be no more while your in your back, engaged in an intimate encounter, ” oh I really need to dust those spiderwebs in the corner of the ceiling”.   By your smiles, I know you know what I am talking about.

These movements can help to shift us from over-thinking or obsessive compulsive habits of thinking, where there’s a pre-frontal cortex dominance, or…. a stance or perpetual habit of fear-based thinking, which may be caused by dominance or over activity in the brain stem and/or the limbic/ emotional region of the brain.  If we are stuck in one of these cortical or sub cortical brain centers, or we have a habit of living dominantly out of one of them, these movements can help shift us to a place of whole brain integration.

Let’s see what else will we cover….oh, erectile tissue.  We’ll learn about the abundance of erectile tissue that many of us did not learn about in our abstinence only culture…and, more about our unique feminine anatomy and how orgasm, if that is your goal, happens over time and, under the right circumstances. With the emphasis on under, which will make more sense by the end of the class series.

So in class, we’ll be learning some somatic movements and kinesiology to open and relax the body-mind, we’ll have some brief presentations on anatomy, Western and yogic, and we’ll engage in an extensive yoni yoga nidra session either lying in Shavasana, or seated in a chair, with each weeks yoga nidra session building upon the previous, so that our last class, culminates, in a very profound experience of your body-mind system.

All you need to do is dress in layers of loose comfortable clothing, bring a bottle of water, a notebook or journal, and oh and let’s see….there’s one more thing, ohhhh, bring a smile.

I hope that answered the earlier question about classes being clothing optional.  We will be fully clothed through out the entire class.  My overall emphasis will be on fun experiential’s that any level of fitness will be able to enjoy versus a sit down lecture and presentation format.  That being said, there will be some handouts and some home work, to practice weekly on your own.

OK, so one of the questions here is, will we be having orgasms in class?Great question, some of you may but just so your expectations are in alignment with my intentions, what you will be learning, are activities, for you to practice and to incorporate into your daily life, many of which could produce immediate results and generally, my experience is they engender results over time.    So the class, is not just about improving your sex life, or sexual presence, it’s about improving your PRESENCE, so you can creatively engage, in every facet of your life.    And yes, we all know that sexual intimacy is one of the greatest creative activities there is, and for me, one of the most spiritual…along with laughing. Though, not always, at the same time.  And my hope is, we’ll being doing a lot of laughing too.

Another question is, will we be doing hatha yoga? We won’t be doing traditional hatha yoga, but we will be doing somatic Yoni Yoga, with a focused intention on awakening your neuromuscular system, so the movements are more about expanding awareness and creating intelligence within our muscles, and less about the postures or perfect alignment.

Before we started Lisa asked about my program Engaging Our Wholenessmand whether that would be a good preperation for your workshop series, Igniting Our Sacred Center (offered at the Yoga Tree) and I would have to say YES, it would be very helpful. And for those of you who can’t attend this workshop series, do to geographical reasons, Engaging Our Wholeness is included in the Self-Study program and leads you through several of the experiences we will be doing in class, and provides you with a few extra holistic healing practices as well.


Is your Brain-Body-Yoni Connection considered sexual healing?

While my work does not have a medical diagnostic code or replace traditional therapy, the Brain-Body-Yoni Connection is a form of Somatic Sexual Healing designed to help women reclaim their sensual enjoyment. Women from all around the world have used these specialized Yoni Meditations as part of their healing from the trauma associated with childhood violations and/or adult sexual assault. Though their history is always a part of who they are, after working with my specialized Yoni Meditations, it no longer interferes with their choice to live a healthy and sensually fulfilling life.

Will the Brain-Body-Yoni Connection revitalize my waning libido?

Yes, many women have reported that their waning or erratic sex drive has come more into their energetic command, as we have awakened their core presence, and that the Brain-Body-Yoni Connection has helped them to ignite their sensual vitality with greater ease and enjoyment.

I am having trouble leaving an old relationship in the past; it seems to infiltrated my mind and emotions out of the blue.  Will Yoni Yoga Nidra help?

Many women have incorporated the Brain-Body-Yoni Connection to heal from old relationships that have left an energetic trace, or an emotional imprint, that has been difficult to tame and integrate.  During the Jade Egg sessions I always recommend using an Obsidian Egg which offers the additional benefit of an energetic cleanse. Many women have reported that Yoni Yoga Nidra has helped them develop the core strength to move forward with heartfelt joy, while developing a more wholesome view of the past.

My husband and I have mis-matched sex drives. Will the Brain-Body-Yoni Connection help me enhance my sexual arousal response?

In addition to gaining greater bodily-sensorial-awareness, and the rewiring of your peripheral nervous system with your unique feminine anatomy, the Brain-Body-Yoni Connection will help you learn how to “prepare the landscape” for your sensual encounters. Practicing this specialized process on a regular basis will awaken your core presence while revealing to you how your body engages in the process of Igniting Your Sacred Center of sensual unfoldment.


I’ve been practicing Yoga for a long time and I still have problems with my libido. What are some of the sensual and sexual benefits of Yoni Yoga Nidra?

Increased Relaxation = Increased Flexibility

Sometimes it’s the things that we don’t do that increases our body’s sense of flexibility. Learning to relax with Yoni Yoga NIdra will not only calm your mind, it will soften all the tension your body is holding as a result of an overly active mind. As you learn to give your body tensions over to the support of the floor, releasing habitual muscular contraction and body armoring, blood can circulate to all of your subterranean architecture were your sexual excitation arises from. Sometimes a more power based yoga practice can lead to decreased blood circulation due to overly contracted muscles.

Sensitive Muscles = Rich Orgasms
Sensitive muscles are muscles that can contract and lengthen in equal measure. Learning to relax and then isolate important layers of the musculature within your subterranean architecture helps to awaken a sense of intelligence and strength. Sensitive and aware muscles will lead to stronger sensation which will lead to enhanced orgasms.

Increased Self Possession = Increased Confidence

When we calm the mind, feel the aliveness of our body, and ground into the collaboration of a more integrated mind-body connection, an elevated sense of self confidence, on and off the mattress, begins to bloom in all directions at once.

Greater Self Presence = Greater intimacy
As we learn to become more present to, and comfortable with feeling, the nuances of sensation that arise when our body relaxes, our mind calms and we have a more integrated mind-body connection, we begin to build a bridge to greater intimacy with others as well.

What happens during a phone consultation?

Many of my on-line students live outside California.  Working over the phone allows me to tailor a Yoni Yoga Nidra session to their specific concerns or areas of interest.  It also provides students an opportunity to ask questions that often go un-asked and offers a format for interactive guidance and support.  Often when a student is working with an identified block, I also employ Interactive Guided Imagery to engage the root of the problem and to provide some insight into its continued existence.  We’ll speak about blocks to progress, specialized somatic movement protocols to awaken their core presence, specific Yoni Yoga postures, and self care techniques that will enhance their sensual aliveness.


How often can I practice?

The meditative and relaxing components for Yoni Yoga Nidra®, cultivating your presence in specific area’s of your body, and deepening your awareness of bodily sensation, can be practiced daily and will accumulate with consistent practice. Just keep in mind that just like any muscles that you work in a dedicated focused manner, your yoni will tire and become sore if you over do. Muscles always need recovery time and hydration after focused work.


What kind of Jade Egg should I get?

Jade Eggs come in different sizes and types of Crystal or Jade. I always recommend that you choose an egg that you find ascetically pleasing. I generally recommend new students begin with a larger or medium size egg. Our goal is to build intelligent connections within the nervous system. Building bulky or overly tense pelvic floor muscles is counter to the very juiciness we are helping you to cultivate. For women working with a history of childhood trauma I generally recommend Obsidian or Rose Quartz. For women unconcerned with the energetic properties of their egg, Jade in any of its colors is a suitable choice.


Where can I purchase a Jade Egg?

There are many on-line suppliers of Jade Eggs and if you live near a large city, look in their local China town for a store that sells Jade Eggs.