The Yoni Yoga Hearts Series

The Yoni Yoga Hearts Series

“When we tend to the Creativity Zone our lives feel deeply satisfying”

I recently overheard a woman say into her smartphone, through a clenched jaw, “If one more thing goes wrong, I’m going to explode”. Within seconds I saw 2 of her children freeze, they then squeezed their arms by their sides and hopped into a straight line.

Previously they were highly animated and picking on one another in the endearing and playful way siblings can.  The older two were conspiring to inflame the younger. From the teasing, the younger one still had momentum in his nervous system moving him forward and therefore was still behaving based on that momentum.  I watched him unwind it, noticing that his siblings weren’t engaging anymore.  He too got quiet and took his older sister’s hand. He had no idea what was going on but he too, figuratively, got in line.

The whole scene put me into internal conflict. I couldn’t decide if I should be happy for the mom because her children weren’t going to add to her distress or sad for the kids who clearly have been around the block a few times with their Mom’s stress. One thing was obvious.  Those kids knew that their Moms stress switch was about to toggle on. By their behavior it was clear they knew what was on the other side and, by their body language, it wasn’t going to be pleasant for anyone.

I wanted to ask the Mom for her email address so I could send her a free copy of Engaging Our Wholeness but she scared me too.  Instead I stood quietly, loving her from a distance, speaking to her children; actually I was entertaining them so she could take a moment to herself.

There’s a threshold in our nervous systems that when entered, that landscape is all about negotiating how to keep the stress switch from flipping on.  I call this landscape the reaction-response seesaw.  It’s the place where life can become irritating, dull and exhaustive.  Our nervous system is on high alert just waiting for the next slight.  Most of the energy we expend is allocated to managing our capacity to keep the switch from flipping. We loose our ability to be creative, spontaneous and receptive to the irregularities of the present moment.  Once we’re on the other side, that is, the toggle switch has flipped on, we’re in reaction mode.

For those of us who are creative connoisseurs, when we’re in the landscape of the reaction-response seesaw, everything feels forced, dry, empty of feeling and deeper meaning.  It’s like we are in our art studio mixing colors or in our kitchen chopping herbs for our culinary treats and there’s no real heart connection to what we’re doing. We are just going through the motions. The central ingredient, our inspiration, along with excitement and curiosity, have vacated the premises. Those qualities generally don’t survive in this landscape, which for some may be miles and for others only feet, depending on your lifestyle choices.

Yet, when we are in the landscape prior to the reaction-response seesaw, we’re in territory in which all our intimate encounter’s feed us. I call this the Creativity Zone. Here we’re sizzling with energy, sensuality and aliveness. We notice all the beauty around us and even see the beauty in things that for others, is unnoticed. We are rich with an open, flexible, and agile mind. Our bodies are relaxed.  Our body mind system is more creatively connected to the flow and perhaps, the serendipity of life.

When you develop your Brain-Body-Yoni Connection your life will feel much more satisfying and succulent.

There’s room for the occasional mishap and, an opportunity for us to get creative when something doesn’t go the way we had planned. There’s room and, more importantly, the desire, to improvise, to take a creative risk, to make our pesto sauce with pistachio nuts since we’re out of pine nuts.

When we tend to this terrain, our intimate encounter’s are infused with a generous dose of curiosity and the confidence to engage the unknown.  Each time we engage in an activity that enhances this landscape, our creativity zone, it becomes stronger.  The stronger it becomes, the more easily we are able to metabolize a stressful experience, returning to a place where our vitality and desire for life is what we lead with.

Let your dog take you for a walk.

If you don’t have to dog, take yourself for a walk and stop every time you smell or see something beautiful.

Your bathtub is lonely for you. Take a bath and visit with it longer then when you shower.

Keep your feet warm.

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