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Mine Women’s Protest T-Shirt.
Proceeds to fund Planned Parenthood, The Center for Reproductive Rights, and Art that Empowers Women.



“Mine” I heard rumble up from a deep corner of my pelvic core. I know the voice. I have done decades of work around providing a softer, more loving engagement with this aspect of my body.  I could feel it listen on in horror at the news reel playing the footage of the Billy Bush-Donald Trump conversation that without a shred of doubt, told us about the character of the man that was running for one of the most powerful jobs in the world.

“Bad Man” started rumbling up and I reminded my whole body “you are safe. That is happening in a place far, far from where we are”.

“But what about the other girls?”

And this younger aspect of me was right. What about the other girls? The girls who do not have the resources-education, community support, loving and caring friends, attentive family-to make sure she knows she has a choice. That she can say “no” to that kind of behavior from anyone;man or woman.

Healers have long believed, that our core gift to humanity arises out of our core wound. Our core wound being the first wound inflicted on us at a much younger age when in a moment of open, free, expression of the joy of being alive, an adult or, external force of some kind, warped our perception of what was true.

Generally shame and guilt, along with all of their kissing cousins, showed up and took residence in our thinking and feeling states.

Prior to this core wounding there was “no room at the Inn” so to speak for these kinds of feelings.  We were children of innocence moving through the world from that innocence. After this core wounding these feeling states started building tenements. And, they exacted a hefty rent. A rent so far outside of our budget that unless you were actively seeking to unseat them they gained more inner territory with every passing experience, like interest compounding on an initial deposit.

These core wounds get especially active when we tried to stand up for the person within ourselves that wants to make a difference. They rear their ugliness when we began to believe we have a calling. They get louder and, more insistent in flashing previous bad memories into our thinking, when we get too close to our core gift.

And without fail our core wounds begin to crack under the pressure of us continually looking at these negative aspects and saying  “I believe” in my core gift.  “I believe” you are getting louder because I am getting closer to the full blossoming of my life’s work. When we keep standing up to the inner tyrant, we can begin to stand up more successfully to the outer.

These old voices may never go away. Thing is, the new ones will get louder, more coherent, more creative, and quite simply so much more interesting, that we no longer have an ear tuned towards the old voices and their negative message.

When we stand up for and with another woman learning to unseat her core wound, when we applaud women who have peeked the summit and are expressing their core gift to the betterment of all who will receive it, we lift all of us on our collective journey of growing ourselves in a direction of our choosing.

There’s a reason why my womb is inside my body… because it’s mine to decide how to engage with the world.

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