Yoni Heart from 5 Reasons to start a Yoni Yoga Practice

Yoni Yoga Heart Series

Perhaps you have been curious about the reasons to start a Yoni Yoga practice, have wanted to start one but do not know where to begin.  Maybe you have started to notice the menopause muffin growing around your belly but have ignored it. Maybe your bladder is constantly on your mind or you are dealing with some level of incontinence, urge or stress related. While there are many reason a women may want to embark on a yoga practice to support their most powerful inner resource, their pelvic floor, it’s often the starting that is the hardest. A good place to begin is by answering the questions “Do I need support?”

Do you want to feel more comfortable in your body,
in general or because you are transitioning into
peri-menopause and menopause?
A well balanced Yoni Yoga practice can help you.

To help you develop the confidence to address your aging pelvic floor, here are 5 of the common reasons you may want to start a Yoni Yoga practice:

1) Structural Integrity

Your bladder deserves proper support, and so do you. What I mean by that is your physical body (as well as your emotional and mental body) deserves the support of being directed by strong pelvic floor. When we live with a strong pelvic floor we feel more supported in every area of our lives because the foundation of our being is active and available.  Most movement originates in the pelvic bowl, particularly the movements of going forward. The side effects of an aging pelvic floor can be caused by something as simple as a lack of awareness as a result of growing up in a culture that referred to our pelvic region as “down there”.

2) Creative Expression 

As our womb begins to shift from a time of fertility, shifting from menstruation to peri-menopause and then finally to menopause, there is a wonderful exchange process in motion. We are in a powerful time of exchanging the ability to create and birth a child, to the ability to birth ourselves. Maintaining a level of focus on our selves in this way takes dedication and commitment to our own growth.  Often, we have to weed out aspects of our lives, including habits of putting everyone else first, that are no longer serving us so we have the energy to be creatively engaged with our own goals and interests. 

3) Sensual Aliveness

Invoking your physical and emotional vitality by awakening all of your sense perceptions and, being vulnerable to your introception (your inner awareness and interpersonal communication) will support you in building positive patterns of awareness. As we learn to relax in our bodies and, get better at receiving, our sensual aliveness begins to direct us in ways that are rich, abundant and supportive of the pleasure principle.

4) Sexual Vitality 

All of life is created by sex and in my view, we should all know more about it. Sex is a deep form of intimacy (in-to-me-see) and sharing of our creative expression. It requires comfort with being vulnerable and with receiving. It requires an introceptive practice that awakens your mind-body connection to the generosity of every moment. Creating an environment for our inner male and female to work well together has a deep effect on our sexual vitality and sets us on a path of living in a more tantric expression.  When we live in a more tantric expression-connected to both our masculine and feminine wisdom and intelligence-we are better able to stand rooted in the ground we have in common with other people.

When we stand for our common ground and not just our individual needs, synergies of all proportion are possible and limited only by our lack of imagination. 

5) Inner Growth

Often as old layers of our self-concepts peel off, we are left wondering where to invest our efforts to bring about inner peace and harmony. This is where a mind-body connection practice like yoni yoga provides the daily grounding that supports us through the metamorphosis of peri-menopause to menopause.  As a conscious embodiment practice rooted in actionable change, it can assist you in awakening your feminine wisdom, while releasing numbness, body armor, and tension in all varieties. It will also help you get in touch with your feelings, goals and a new vision for your life. A well balanced approach to yoni yoga can begin the process of awakening your cauldron of alchemy; what I fondly call Igniting Your Sacred Center.  By igniting your sacred center, you join a movement of women choosing to be a part of a cultural homeopathic remedy for the denial of sensuality and become an advocate for open-minded education about our bodies instead of a “down there” denial of our birthright.

This shift in our fertility, that all women will feel at some point in their lives, is rife with misinformation that often misses the point of this powerful and transformative time. It is time in which a women’s spiritual maturation process is most permeable to the innate wisdom living within her womb and sacred center.

 If you are done with delaying your transformation, you are ready for The Brain-Body-Yoni Connection.  The only thing stopping you, is you.  Please Join me today.  I promise you’ll be delight that you did.

If you are still unsure whether a Yoni Yoga practice is for you or have some questions you would like to discuss with me, feel free to use my scheduler in the margin to book a free call with me, or read The 6 Benefits of a Yoni Yoga Practice for further insights and inspiration.